The benefits of WordPress for businesses

The benefits of WordPress for businesses

Your company’s website has 5 seconds to convince. Does that sound too little? And yet, it is the frantic scale applied by the Millennials, Generation Y or the Next Gen generation. Everything is going very fast these days, we have less patience than in our parents’ time and we are in a hurry to always have the answers to our questions as soon as possible.

That’s why in the digital domain, it is essential that your company communicates in the most efficient way possible on every platform and screen. And in all of this, your website remains the centerpiece, the vehicle of your company’s true virtual identity and the main point of contact between you and your current and future customers.

Today, in 2018, the race to determine the best content management system (CMS) is pretty much over. Many CMS have been launched in the past, some have not survived and others have made a name for themselves in the market. Among this last category is the undisputed leader of Open Source CMS: WordPress. More than just a simple Content Management System, WordPress not only allows you to create a highly flexible website, but also to set up an efficient online business thanks to WooCommerce. It has also become the preferred CMS of many Swiss digital agencies in recent times. And here is why.

WordPress, a robust and proven platform

WordPress has been on the market for many years, and even more so, the WP system has proven its worth. Already offered at a lower cost than other platforms, WordPress ensures constant updates to adapt to new web trends. Established as the leader of Open-source solutions in front of Joomla, Drupal and other CMSs, WordPress benefits from a wide community of developers and users. The result: As it is widely used and in high demand, for a developer it is easy to find solutions to almost all the potential problems encountered. This allows WordPress to ensure the constant implementation of new versions, new functionalities, security updates etc.

A CMS tailored made for SERP positioning

If there is a word to qualify the WordPress platform it is SEO-friendly. To name just one example, the ease of navigation on WP sites offers an excellent built-in user experience, one of the main criteria to take into consideration in order to be ranked highly by search engines. In addition, compared to other platforms, WordPress offers the most specialized SEO plug-ins (Yoast SEO being the best known, alongside with the One SEO Pack). These extensions allow you to efficiently manage the essential parameters required by search engines: meta tags, optimized URLs, sitemap files, optimized images, instantaneous sharing of articles on social networks and so on.

Endless possibilities for customization

In addition to being easy to install and use, WordPress is also allows lots of customization in order to meet the clients specifications for the corporate website (showcase, campaign, event, e-commerce shop…) Its open-source design makes many themes and extensions available for free or at low cost. There where up to 5000 free themes and 50’000 plugins available in 2017.

If you’re on a tight budget, these themes and extensions allow you to optimize the appearance and functionalities at very low cost. In addition, WordPress is based on Responsive Design by default, so it automatically adapts to all formats (PC, mobile, tablet), which further improves your content management options.

E-commerce and API development adapted to SMEs

In 2017 alone, WordPress’ WooCommerce module managed more than 40% of online shops on the web, far ahead of Shopify or Magento. It is an easy-to-use module that allows you to create efficient online shops while benefiting from the WordPress SEO features at the same time. Developers will be able to create APIs allowing the management of large product catalogues, multilingual and multi-currency shops… In addition, WooCommerce easily integrates online payment systems (bank cards, PayPal). With all the different APIs readily available, you can completely scale your solutions to the size and needs of your company.

A free CMS, no license fee to pay

For small and medium enterprises this is the most interesting option to start your business or e-commerce site. WordPress is free to install and as a real open source solution, it allows developers to create original extensions to improve your site or add specific features. If you don’t have a developer at hand, you can also purchase existing modules at low costs, the advantage being that the extensions are already structured and tested.

In a nutshell, WordPress is a great tool if you really want to showcase your business on all screen formats. If you have the time to invest to familiarize yourself with the latest plug-ins and features, you can create a high quality site from scratch. If you want to go a step further in your quest for the perfect website, collaborate with a web agency. Your possibilities in this case will be almost infinite.